-------syed azam------

Hi! My name is Syed Azam Pasha. I’m a designer and now became a full-time blogger. I was very excited about the outraging technology which is trending. so, I’ve grown my interest and learned a lot of things. It has given me highlight spot among my surroundings and I thought everyone should understand how awesome technology is leading especially in the portable world like mobile and laptops every year we get a blazing fast chipset and unique design. so, I thought why not to share my knowledge with you and tell my thoughts regarding the product or experience, in my blog I’ll be posting things related to the mobile world and of course my travelling experiences and if found any interesting topic which seems amazing or trending and let you guys convey it in a simple and easy way. let us grow together and understand how awesome technology is ageing. 

welcome to deviceblog and i’m glad you are here.