Hi there! How are you doing Today? this post is for those unique people who want and try to be different than other mobile users. In this post I’m going to tell you how to make a clean home screen with by hiding your main icons and yes you can improvise it and I know you guys can make better than me so let me show what trick I have played here.

I’ll just finish in one line so that I can conserve your time. what I’ve played is nothing but just writing with a black pen on the blackboard. confused? ah, its nothing I just placed background wallpaper black and selected the icon pack which helps to hide.

The device I used here is pocoF1 as you know it has a default launcher for other people try nova launcher it really helps us to customize the device at next level. so first I have selected a good looking wallpaper which is bright on top and dark on low and applied dark icon pack. This icon pack makes all your icons into black color.

This will definitely amaze your friends or people nearby you because there are no icons down there but you are clicking on it and the app gets launched. that feels like a magic. it’s worth trying once. Hope you will like it.
APP-launcher:- NOVA lAUNCHER
APP-Icon pack:-ZWART

That’s all for Today. Have fun 🙂

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