Hi there! How are you doing today? I’m a type of guy who wants to keep his home screen neat and clean at the same time unique so I found out that there are many people out there who share the same interest like I do So I tried out some modifications by trying different launchers and icon packs and selected best looking among them. I will be doing this every month so you could try new things and look super cool.I’m going to divide this into three parts 1. Dark love 2. Geeky setup 3. Superhero edition.

     Every app I used is free so you could download and try it. I will list all the apps and how I have done modifications. so let’s begin, here are the top picks for oct 2018 


-> I love to keep my home screen dark with a minimal look if you kind of person like me this setup is for you.let me give a small overview of this setup. I have used Nova launcher for this and adjusted it according to my requirements and made it look even good with a zooper widget Pro. 


1. Nova launcher  

2. Whicons icon pack 

3. zooper widget pro 

4. Huk zooper

5. Amoled Wallpapers

Nova launcher settings

 -> DESKTOP–>Desktop Grid=10×5

 -> Icon Layout—>disable label

 -> Advanced—>enable widget overlapping and over lap when placing

->APP AND WIDGET DRAWERS–>Drawer App Grid=10×5

 ->Icon layout->disable

 ->DOCK->disable dock

 ->LOOK AND FEEL–>Icon theme—>Whicons


we got all the ingredients for our recipe lets start making it

1.apply the wallpaper on home screen 

2.drag and drop three zooper widgets from widget section one for month and date widget one for google assistant and one for our IP address.

3. select the zooper_ppick_15  for for google assistant and zooper ppick 85 for month and day from huk zooper widget pack coming to IP address  select any single line widget then click on it then go click on layout and next click on text  and scroll down and select text content there you will find many things among them select network and choose IP address and that’s all you are done it looks very gorgeous and dope.


->This is for the people who like the geeky style and also want to try a complicated thing not every user can use it. I used a different launcher here. it is easy to apply just go to play store and type “LINUX CLI LAUNCHER” download it and give the permission and boom you are done with a new geeky look. all Linux commands will work here up to some extent.

3. Superhero edition:

->This is for the people who are die-hard fans of superhero I will be trying to come up with a different superhero, for now, let’s go with one of my most favorite anime character son Goku. let me know in the comments if you are also a die-hard fan of Goku or someone else. 

To make this home screen you need to work a bit more than usual nova settings will be the same as above let’s get into the process 


1.Nova launcher

 2.zooper widget pro 

3.Ocea zooper

4.MNML Yellow icon pack

5.Amoled Wallpapers

6.stile zooper


1.Apply the wallpaper from Amoled wallpaper two zooper widgets from widget drawer one for date and day other for the time as you see in the above picture.

3. This is where things get a bit complicated we need to get deep inside the widget and uncheck the items which we don’t need.

4. let’s go with the date and day widget first select ocea26 widget from ocea widget pack and next go to layout click on text(first one) scroll down click on text content then click on time  and select 24hr format it will disable the picture(for that format there is no picture)and adjust it accordingly by seeing the above picture if u want to increase the size of widget click on it and scroll down you will see scaling option do it according to the required size.

5. put another widget on top and make it broad in 6×4 format click on browse and select stile icon pack and select 54th item and we are done.

6. Now its time for icon pack go to play store and download MNML yellow and select it as icon pack and choose the apps on the screen which you need and we are done.

Hope you like the setups. see you again. have fun 🙂

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