Hi There! how are you doing? Today let’s talk about Google’s camera Application, As we all know google pixel devices produce some great Quality shots when compared to the competition. All thanks to its algorithm because most part of the image processing is done using the software. Now recently Google has launched its flagship device pixel 3 XL and the camera app got even better which is capable of taking very good shots in low light situations. It has an excellent dynamic range and nearly realistic colour science. Long story short it takes some of the best shots than any other devices.
Some of the developers who want to make this brilliant piece of software to make available for other devices has ported the Google camera App to different android devices.  I have to admit it has done exceptionally great regardless of its device capacity all thanks to Google’s algorithm.

I have installed the ported version of Google camera on my poco F1 and will tell you about my experience with it and make my conclusion in the end.

PANORAMA- I don’t take much panorama shots but if you want to take, it will give some decent results. you just need to click and move up to where you need to capture the image. during my testing period, I didn’t notice any bugs.

PORTRAIT- Now this is a thing which makes a lot of people drop their jaws. Yes, it is processing flawlessly here. The edge detection is as good as we can expect from Google. The amount of blur in the background is perfectly balanced. I can assure you will love th portrait clicks.

CAMERA- Google camera can take RAW+JPEG images which help a lot of designers to work on photoshop or editing, it has HDR+ and HDR+ enhanced. You will get this new AI feature which automatically detects the Subject and increases the saturation according to the subject. It has different effects as well and some basic settings.

VIDEO- The Rear camera can record UHD 4K at 30FPS and HD 1080p at 60FPS whereas front cam can shoot 1080p at 60FPS and you will have the option of video stabilizing as well, From my experience, the video quality may not impress you as much as the photos but still it is pretty decent.

MORE- You will get new features like google lens and other features like photosphere, slow motion, and then the famous NIGHT mode. The pictures took in night mode are very impressive during the low light conditions it performs very well.

CONCLUSION:- Now you may think “wow this is great let’s just download the application and rock” but… there are some compromises that you have to make like when you try to take multiple shots(say 6) the camera gets stuck and you need to restart the camera app. It feels kinda frustrating in the middle of quick shots and as you know, not all android devices have snapdragon 845. So you may expect a bit delay in processing the image as well. if these compromises don’t stop you go ahead and download the app I’m confident that you will be amazed by its image processing and picture quality.

Here is the link for GCAM for poco F1: 

For more shot comparisons and images taken on POCOF1 using GCAM follow me on my Facebook Page.

That’s all for today. see you next time. have fun 🙂

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