hey! how are you doing today? Today I’ve got something to tell you about the latest budget flagship device POCO F1 AKA Beryllium. This phone has literally changed the margins between the price and spec ratio. The company has provided snapdragon 845 and 6GIGS of Ram around the price tag of 21k. wow, that really blown away the minds of many. but as you know everything has flaws so does pocofone1.

these are some problems which I’ve faced while I was using pocofone1 as my daily driver.


-> I will be quite honest here I’m a fictionist. google assistant is a Jarvis to me I use google now frequently to make a call, type a message or make a schedule of my day. I really miss it because it is a personal assistant who looks after me. but in pocofone1 i don’t know why it is not responding whenever i use the hot word. I made an appeal to poco team regarding this issue and they have said they are going to fix it next update. I just felt so much annoyed that how can they overlook this issue and start shipping the devices and many YouTubers didn’t even notice nor reported this issue.


-> This issue made quite a fame out there but luckily my device didn’t have screen bleeding. If you want to know whether your phone has this defect or not click on this link it will redirect you to a youtube page which shows how to check.


-> Like many people I too thought pocofone1 will have a great ram management but as i was using daily I have changed my view. I’m a heavy pubg mobile user as I play 4-7hrs at least. when i put the game in recent apps and play youtube or chat for 5min and when I open the game it starts from beginning i mean i had zero apps except for pubg and WhatsApp and yes I have observed this many times. i didn’t expect this from a flagship device whereas my oneplus 5T keeps all in even after 5min. it is not deal breaker but still, POCO team should look at this issue.


-> launcher?? yes, the launcher had quite some bugs not many has observed this I guess no one has stated this on the web. the problem is that the launcher gets restarted sometimes. how do I know? i applied a specific icon pack but due to restarting the launcher set it’s default system icon pack and yes it did happen frequently and I got the update for poco launcher last week, for now, I didn’t see it.


-> There are some other minor problems which i don’t think as a problem because it will never affect our day to day usage like we can’t play Amazon or Netflix videos at full HD due to DRM. The phone gets very laggy when playing games under 10-12% which is fine because CPU requires more power but the system only allows a limited power to keep it alive and there are some call reception and messaging issues with AIRTEL SIM. And yeah.. the slow updates

These are the problem which I have faced during my review period of 2months others may not have faced the same like I do because they don’t use like me so, if you are ok with the above problem then pocofone1 will be a great flagship device.

That’s all for today. I hope you to have a great day.

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